Machine Learning Seminar (2020/21)

University College London (COMP0168)

This course is designed to introduce students to “trending” topics within the last five years as represented in international machine learning conferences. The backbone of the course will be a series of lectures on a given set of selected topics. This will be supplemented by seminar-style class work, where current research papers are read in common, discussed, and presented.


  1. Gaussian Processes (please use Acrobat Reader for the animations) — Marc Deisenroth
  2. Bayesian Optimization — Marc Deisenroth
  3. Bayesian Deep Learning — Brooks Paige
  4. Integration in Machine Learning — Marc Deisenroth
  5. Meta Learning — Brooks Paige


The course will be delivered 100% online. Lecture recordings will be available for viewing at home. We will have live Q&A in allocated time slots. We will have discussion forums and virtual social gathering opportunities as well as peer mentoring.

Teaching Assistants

  • Yicheng Luo
  • Janith Petangoda


Gaussian Processes

Bayesian Optimization

Integration in Machine Learning